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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Feb 24, 2021

Cullen Smith: How to Focus on Your Mindset and Completely Transform Your Life

Meet Cullen Smith, an entrepreneur, a real estate agent, and a mindset coach. Cullen has transformed his life in the last 11 months by getting sober and now believes in using his story to impact others.

In this episode of Construct Your Life with Austin Linney, Cullen talks about his journey from playing small with addiction to developing his mindset to unimaginable heights. He explains the importance of taking responsibility for your own actions to move forward in life and business.

Listen in to learn the value of focusing on your mind to different thoughts to change the way you see things.

“We need to do the things that we need to for ourselves because if we do it for other people, we’re never going to accomplish anything.”- Cullen [24:07]

“There’s no time than the present to start taking control of your life.”- Cullen [38:04]

What You Will Discover:

  • [3:14] Stop blaming the world for your actions and take responsibility to experience real recovery.
  • [7:43] How personal development helps you grow your business and goals.
  • [16:07] The value of working on small things daily that compounds into your bigger vision.
  • [19:40] Simple things you can incorporate in your life as a young person to accomplish your vision.
  • [26:50] The power of asking yourself ‘why’ to achieve the motivation you need to get done.
  • [34:40] How to change things up to get rid of fear and stop being monotonous.

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