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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Oct 21, 2020

Bobby Paolini: Selling Value Not Houses

Meet Bobby Paolini, a real estate agent, realtor trainer, and author. He defines real estate as much more than selling houses but rather helping people change their personal worldview.

In this episode of Construct your Life with Austin Linney, Bobby shares how he has perfected the art of offering value to his clients to create long-term relationships with them. He talks about his values as a person that have allowed him to be guided by compassion and creating true connections before selling to his clients.

Listen in to learn about the importance of focusing your energy on people who think and believe like you plus having accountability partners to help keep you on your toes with your goals.

“Exerting yourself physically is proving to your body that you really want what it is you say you want.”-Bobby [39:10]

What you will discover:

  • [7:38] How to add value to people as a realtor and create long-term relationships.
  • [12:34] How to build trust with your clients by being yourself.
  • [16:33] The power of focusing and putting all your energy on like minded people.
  • [41:32] Exercising Exousia power for discipline and staying focused.
  • [44:10] How we are adapted to our environment and experiences and how it relates to real estate.
  • [47:05] The importance of accountability partners to keep you focused on what matters.

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