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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Sep 27, 2023


There are moments in life when we find ourselves utterly lost and scared. Dr. Amanda, our guest for this episode, knows this all too well. She recounts her powerful journey from food stamps to six figures, illustrating the transformative power of determination, resilience, and a willingness to overcome self-doubt. Sharing her experiences about overcoming imposter syndrome and building confidence, we venture into a deep discussion about the concept of identity transformation and how it can attract success.

Our conversation steered towards one of the most crucial yet often overlooked aspects of entrepreneurship: Money management. Dr. Amanda shares her unique three-step formula to break free from resistance and tap into your inner power. She impresses upon us how money is a reflection of one's inner world and offers insights on how to recognize, reframe, and repeat to reprogram your mindset. This part of the discussion lays out a roadmap to wealth creation, driven by understanding the law of attraction.

Lastly, we dive into the realm of branding and uncover the immense power a consistent and coherent message can yield. We explore the notion of embracing discomfort and pain as avenues for growth, and how this grit can ultimately shape an entrepreneur's journey. As we wrap up, Dr. Amanda leaves us with the tools to access our inner power, reprogram resistance, and carve out a path to success.

Discover more about Dr. Amanda, her podcast Inner Power Daily, and her book, I Am a Money Magnet, in this inspiring and enlightening conversation.


Dr. Amanda Barrientez, known as "The Mindset Healer," is the founder of Inner Power Daily™, an international best-selling author, and the host of the top 2% globally rated podcast called, Inner Power Entrepreneur. After going from food stamps to building a 6-figure business fast, she’s been on a quest to teach entrepreneurs and business professionals science-based strategies to reprogram their energy, mindset, and habits, so they can get what they want in life and business. Dr. Amanda's superpower is helping you get unstuck, get aligned, and get what you want by tapping into your Inner Power! Start here:


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(0:00:13) - Construction Dr. Amanda's journey from food stamps to six figures, imposter syndrome, and her first client paying for her work were discussed.

(0:05:19) - Overcoming Doubt and Building Confidence Dr. Amanda shares her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, breakthroughs her clients experienced, understanding human behavior, identity transformation, and reprogramming mindset to attract.

(0:11:42) - Money Management in Entrepreneurship Recognize, reframe, and repeat to access inner power, manage money, and build wealth. 

(0:19:23) - Cohesive Branding and Mindset in Entrepreneurship We discuss the power of mindset, branding, and planning to achieve success, and explore discomfort and resistance.

 (0:32:12) - Inner Power and Money Magnet Dr. Amanda shares how to access inner power, create a plan to scale business, and develop the right mindset for success.

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