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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Nov 29, 2023


Remember when you were young and you squeezed an orange, expecting apple juice to come out? Yeah, we don't either. But this humorous analogy sets the tone for our enlightening conversation with Sarah Malone about the transformative power of internal work. We share personal stories and experiences that underline the importance of understanding the essence of what we expect from ourselves and others. This episode will hit home, especially when we talk about how we often project our desires onto other people, leading to disappointment and needless suffering.

Our candid discussion takes a turn toward the complexities of relationships, diving into how they can act as a powerful catalyst for personal growth. Picture moving in with a partner and navigating the wild currents of uncertainty, ego, past trauma, and financial discord. Sounds tough, right? Well, one brave participant opens up about their experience with this and how it led to eye-opening discoveries about themselves. We highlight the importance of admitting when you're stuck and the bravery of seeking help to stimulate personal growth. But then, we veer off into the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship.

We talk about the thrill of riding the waves of constant change, the solace found in a supportive team, and the grit needed to embrace uncertainty. We share tips on how to effectively communicate in relationships, both personal and professional. From feeling out of place to building confidence by embracing chaos, we delve into how a shift in language can transform your perspective. So, tune in and join us for this thought-provoking and transformative journey.


With almost 10 years of experience in the health and wellness space, Sarah has committed her life to helping others become the healed and most empowered version of themselves. As a clinical hypnotherapist, transformational energy healer, NASM CPT, CNC and GPT, and retreat facilitator and creator of one of the most powerful programs, She is the host of podcast Ignite the Spark Within and is here to ignite YOUR spark within.



(0:00:13) - Constructing a Fulfilling Life Internal work and its impact on our external world, looking within ourselves, working with inner child parts, and not expecting change from external circumstances.

(0:05:51) - Navigating Relationship Challenges and Seeking Support Relationships serve as a training ground for growth, influenced by ego, trauma, and finances. Seeking support and humility can aid in moving forward.

(0:21:54) - Importance of Communication in Relationships Community, communication, inner peace, honesty, support, sacrifices, and significance in personal and professional relationships.

(0:26:47) - Entrepreneurship Partners and Supportive Teams Supportive partners, spontaneity, and adaptable teams are crucial for success in entrepreneurship, especially in the healing industry.

(0:33:57) - Navigating Uncertainty and Overcoming Insecurities Feeling like an outsider, embracing uncertainty, and pushing out of comfort zone for personal growth.

(0:38:18) - Exploring Change and Building Confidence Nature's challenges can build confidence when we change our language and embrace self-love and acceptance.

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