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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Sep 20, 2023


Are you ready to rethink your life's priorities? Wondering if there's more to life than just increasing the size of your bank account? Meet Giovanna, a spirited Canadian expat who has found joy in focusing on experiences and hobbies in her new home in Mexico. She echoes the importance of aligning our lifestyles to the experiences we crave rather than the amount of money we believe we need to amass. Join us as we explore her unique perspective and discover the unconventional path to fulfillment she champions. Isn't effective communication the cornerstone of our relationships?

Giovanna and I delve deep into this discussion, emphasizing the transformative power of taking full responsibility for our actions. We also underline how attention to minor details can translate into major successes in both personal and professional relationships. Plus, we shed light on the intricacies of running a business, underscoring how understanding and connecting with our employees can make a world of difference.


Giovanna Elias is a Human Connection and Communication Expert, empowering professionals to resolve people problems, perfect the art of people, and connect on a deeply authentic level. She believes the quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships- which is why she teaches you through her 9 key Connection Codeβ„’ system how to have powerful connections in your work life, family, friendships, romantically and when meeting new people.







(0:00:13) - Build Lifestyle, Not Bank Account Giovanna shows how to build a lifestyle by exploring experiences and hobbies, matching it to desired experiences rather than money, and finding fulfillment.

(0:14:08) - The Importance of Communication and Connection We discuss communication, responsibility, business nuances, and small actions for relationships.

(0:23:09) - The Importance of Curiosity and Consciousness We explore how curiosity can improve relationships and lives, asking quality questions to foster meaningful connections, and the power of shame.

(0:29:41) - Taking Responsibility and Moving On We take responsibility for our lives and relationships, reframe tough situations, and explore liberation for personal growth.

(0:39:09) - Follow Giovannafjmalias on Social Media Giovanna shares journey tips and emphasizes taking responsibility for life and relationships.

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