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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Nov 22, 2023


Join me on a journey as we welcome Matt King, a stalwart in real estate entrepreneurship and a widely respected mindset coach. Matt’s journey has taken him from running a family office in Austin, to carving out a successful career in real estate. Along the way, he's learned how to maintain humility amidst success, and the vital importance of surrounding yourself with visionary and like-minded individuals.

He graciously leads us down the path of his personal and professional life, sharing how his mentors have moulded him and the core human needs that guide his outlook. Matt brings his keen eye for business to the table as we delve into the true power of curiosity and vision. We discuss the pitfalls of investing without a clear vision, and the often underappreciated role of curiosity in business. He makes a compelling case for focusing on awareness over answers, offering a fresh perspective on decision-making and success.

We also dissect the intricacies of challenging the status quo, recruiting young talent, and the risks of unchecked greed. Finally, we unpack the essential roles of talent and mindset in business. Matt articulates the difference between being interested and being obsessed, and asserts why obsession is a key ingredient to success. We also broach the topic of intentionality and how it can catapult you to your goals.

Matt provides invaluable insights into finding and retaining talent, the importance of understanding individual goals and visions, and the benefits of networking and mentorship. For those hungry for more, Matt invites you to learn further through his organization,, a treasure trove of wisdom for the curious mind.


Matt is an entrepreneur and operations executive with over a decade of experience building and scaling firms across a number of industries including finance, real estate and retail. Never afraid to jump-in and get his hands dirty, Matt enjoys building high performing teams that lift each other up.

He currently serves as the CEO of Gobundance, a high-level entrepreneurial group, as well as spinoff company Gobundance Champions. In addition to Gobundance, Matt has spent years overseeing DRO Investments, where he is in charge of multiple portfolio companies, executing investment decisions and planning and implementing a variety of personal and business functions including complex tax and estate planning. Matt loves to achieve success through building incredible teams and putting in place organizational structures that are designed to outperform the competition.

When he is not working, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa, daughter Rylan and son Bodhi, traveling and playing golf.



(0:00:13) - Constructing a Life Beyond Wealth Matt shares his story of success and mentors, discussing how to stay humble and surround yourself with great people.

 (0:11:42) - Curiosity and Vision in Business Matt and I explore curiosity in business, seeking awareness, having a vision, and staying humble.

(0:17:33) - Challenging Narratives and Recruiting Young Talent Matt King shares his experience of recruiting young people and exploring foundational frameworks to challenge narratives.

(0:21:24) - Talent and Mindset in Business Coach Robert shares traits of success, exploring unexpected talent, and retaining talent through investment.

(0:32:00) - Obsession and Intentionality in Success Matt King emphasizes intentionality, efficiency, obsession, and networking for success and staying humble.

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