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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Feb 22, 2023

Laura Wilkinson’s first leap of faith from the 10 meter platform was at the age of 15. After being told by one of her teachers that she was too old to start a new sport, Laura plunged into diving anyway. Nine months later, she was kicked off of her high school diving team for being a “waste of space.” The next year, Laura won her first US National Title, made the US National Team, and earned a bronze medal at the World Cup.


Laura wrote a book called Life at 10 Meters, Lesson from an Olympic Champion. Each chapter highlights Laura’s mindset and focus as she grew, competed and trained to ultimately reach the pinnacle of sport. As Laura transitioned from childhood to competitive diver to Olympian to adulthood to a mother, there have been many roadblocks, triumphs, challenges, sorrows and unimaginable joy. This crazy, winding journey has taught Laura that we are all capable of far more than we often imagine, and we were created for a much bigger purpose.


Laura also hosts a podcast called Pursuit of Gold. The podcast seeks to equip athletes with the most effective tools that will help them reach their biggest goals in sport through conversations with elite and Olympic athletes, sports professionals, coaches, and experts. In these conversations we unlock the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tools that shape the whole athlete and generate peak performance.


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