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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Sep 29, 2023


Ever found yourself wondering where your time and money evaporated? Have you been entranced by the quicksand of Netflix and social media, only to find most of your day gone? You're not alone! Join me, Austin Linney, real estate entrepreneur and mindset coach, as I expose the reality of how money and time, if not consciously allocated, will find ways to ebb away. Drawing from the principles of the book "Profit First," I delve into the significance of proactive financial planning and intentional allocation of resources.

Switching lanes to the precious currency of time, I share the importance of a bulletproof morning routine, goal-setting, and strategic time utilization. Hear me unpack the traps of digital entertainment and how they can consume your hours if left unchecked. I detail how the '75 Heart' program has ingrained discipline within me, serving as a roadmap for my time. Let's replace the mindless scrolling and impulsive spending with a purpose-fueled plan. Tune in to this journey of creating a roadmap for your money and time, steering them in the direction YOU choose.

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