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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Aug 18, 2023

Episode Summary:

 Ever feel like you're not making progress fast enough? Or that you're falling short on your journey to success because it's taking longer than expected? This episode's for you. Join Austin Linney as he opens up about his personal experience of overcoming alcoholism and sheds light on why it's essential to maintain perspective. Using his trademark motivational style, Austin challenges you to stop comparing your progress to others and to understand that the quality of your journey outweighs its length.

Discover the trap of putting improper time horizons on personal investments like health and consistency and learn how to steer clear of it. It's a candid exploration of how unwarranted expectations and self-judgment can skew our perception of success. Austin urges listeners to give themselves grace, be patient, and truly value the process over the outcome. Drawing from his own experiences, Austin provides insights on how to better appreciate your journey and its inherent value.

This episode is an invaluable listen for anyone who needs a reminder to be patient with themselves and to cherish the ride more than the destination. 

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