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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

May 3, 2021

Travis Hill: How To Be Comfortable Understanding And Learning More About The Finance World.

Meet Travis, a Real Estate Investor and a colon cancer survivor. He has served as a member of the Marine Corps for the past seventeen years and continues to provide him with numerous opportunities to plan, coordinate, and execute all types of small unit working groups, engineering project management, and large-scale operations with personnel numbering in the hundreds. He enjoys and thrives operating in austere and fast-paced environments, whether maintenance or operation dependent.

What You Will Discover: 

  • [5:05] As A Military Man What Makes You Think Creates A Great Investor That Fits The Job.
  • [8:13] When Did The Spark For Real Estate Started For Him.
  • [11:43] What Are The Steps And Options He Has Done to Rebuild His Portfolio After His Hard Fall.
  • [13:42] What Made Him Realized The Importance Of Freedom Of Time.
  • [17:50] From His Experience What Advice He Can Give For Young Investors To Consider When Looking For Their First Set Of Deals.
  • [19:51] What He Thinks About Assisted Living And How It Will Affect The Finance World In The Future.

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