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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Apr 28, 2021

Michelle Anderson and Patrick Foster: How To Work As A Couple And Flip Houses Successfully

Meet Michelle Anderson and Patrick Foster, a hardworking couple who works in real estate investing and flipping houses. Patrick moved to Nashville 2 years ago to pursue a career in real estate. He left a full time, salaried position to pursue a career where he can be his own boss. He has a variety of skills including a background in carpentry and construction management. Michelle then works as a structural engineer doing design work for locks and dams throughout the country. Together, with Patrick’s construction and real estate experience and Michelle’s engineering knowledge and eye for design, they started flipping houses. 

What You Will Discover:

  • [4:20] Shares Their Journey On How They Started In Real Estate And Flipping Houses
  • [6:50] How Trust Works For Them As Their Working Relationship And How It Helped Them Grow
  • [8:38] The Importance Of Reading Books Into Getting Some Valuable Ideas And Information
  • [11:01] Tells Story About Their First Flip House Project And What Did They Do In Terms Of Planning and Logistic
  • [15:20] The Right Mindset And Attitude In Working With The Challenges 
  • [24:50] Sourcing The Right Properties By Talking To The Right People and Building Relationship

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