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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Mar 31, 2023

What are you waiting for? Do the damn thing!

Not wasting time complaining about what you are not doing is crucial for achieving your goals and making progress in life. It means taking action even when you're scared or uncertain, and pushing through the resistance that comes with trying something new or...

Mar 29, 2023

Justin grew up in a very small town in central Pennsylvania, and after graduating from college he found himself working in the recruiting industry, which he has remained in for the last 16+ years.

 In January 2020 he left a very stable, six figure salaried job to start his own recruiting firm (Hire Tomorrow) and a...

Mar 29, 2023

Rory is an executive coach & leadership development consultant who helps grow leaders people want to work for & teams people want to stay on.

He currently works for a large professional services firm called HORNE, where he and his team consult with small to midsize businesses across many areas of people, processes,...

Mar 24, 2023

Being your own hero means taking control of your own life and being responsible for your own happiness and success. It means being courageous, persistent, and self-motivated, even when faced with challenges or setbacks.

Don't wait for someone else to come and save you. Instead, take the initiative to create your own...

Mar 22, 2023

Eric Upchurch is an Army Special Operations veteran who has a passion for educating the military community on how to create long term wealth through real estate investing.

He has invested in thousands of multifamily, storage, mobile home park and student housing units as a General Partner over the last decade with...