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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Nov 29, 2023


Remember when you were young and you squeezed an orange, expecting apple juice to come out? Yeah, we don't either. But this humorous analogy sets the tone for our enlightening conversation with Sarah Malone about the transformative power of internal work. We share personal stories and experiences that...

Nov 27, 2023


What if you could construct the life of your dreams in real estate? What if you could transition smoothly into small business ownership, taking bold steps out of your 9-to-5 job? Join me as I explore these possibilities with Chandler Reed, a seasoned entrepreneur who did just that. Chandler’s journey...

Nov 24, 2023


Ever felt the crushing weight of society's expectations? Struggled with the anxiety of needing to achieve more, do more, be more? I'm Austin Linney and today, I'm revealing the secret that I believe has the power to liberate you from all these pressures. Brace yourself, because it's a big one: none of...

Nov 22, 2023


Join me on a journey as we welcome Matt King, a stalwart in real estate entrepreneurship and a widely respected mindset coach. Matt’s journey has taken him from running a family office in Austin, to carving out a successful career in real estate. Along the way, he's learned how to maintain humility...

Nov 20, 2023


Ready to awaken the hero within you? Join me as I delve into an inspiring conversation with Brian Johnson, the visionary founder and CEO of Heroic Public Benefit Corporation. Brian, passionate about blending ancient wisdom with modern science, takes us on a journey through his transformative book,...