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Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Oct 28, 2020

Dylan Slattery: Overcoming Life’s Adversities

Meet Dylan Slattery, a motivational speaker, and podcast host. Dylan is a 2 times cancer and depression survivor which all happened after he turned 22.

In this episode of Construct your Life with Austin Linney, Dylan shares his story of adversities from drug addiction and suicide attempts to dealing with skin cancer twice and coming close to death. He explains how he learned to set his expectations on winning every day rather than the goal of beating cancer which gave him the strength to go on.

Listen in to learn why adversity is a universal experience and no one’s story is less than the other and you shouldn’t allow it to define you.

“You can’t control what’s happened to you, the only thing we can control is the right now and where that’s going to lead us.”- Dylan [4:50]

What you will discover:

  • [2:20] How to learn from adversities rather than have them define you.
  • [7:05] A story of pain and adversities of a 22-year-old living in life’s darkness.
  • [22:42] The power of setting the goal of winning every day.
  • [40:39] Why adversity is a universal experience that should unite us.
  • [50:25] Fighting for financial freedom after overcoming adversity.
  • [54:22] Having the courage to lose some people during adversities.  

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